Cassim Ssali

Name: Cassim Ssali

Role: Chairman  – Uganda Culture ,Co-ordinator and Organizer Of Buganda African Carnival Conferences in diaspora

Education: Post graduate- Information Technology

Place of Work:



Tel: +16478690760



Kakande Robert Musoke


Name: Kakande Robert  Musoke

Role: Publicity & Marketing Manager- Uganda Culture

Education: Degree in industrial Technology

Place of Work: Mesto group of Companies

Lives: Sweden


Tel: +46734983579


Name       : Muwawu Patrick
Role: Chairman,Uganda Culture Sweden
Proffession: Media.
Country    : Sweden
This is Muwawu Patrick the Chairman,Uganda Culture Sweden. A uganda born in Mukono,who proffessionalised in Media,and that is Radio Broadcasting,
With 11 years expirence in Radio broadcasting as both a senior Presenter and Producer,muwawu worked with Radio Simba,1999-2007 and later on joined Dembe fm 2007-2010.He came to light when he was introduced on air as Kalyekyeeze Junior son of Kalyekyeezi Senior who was Alex Mukulu.
Muwawu also is a talented actor who featured in many projects in Uganda,and has worked with many organisation during their sensitisation campaigns,like Kooti Lutiiko,Good will ambassodor of lake Victoria and many.
He is the CEO of Spicy Events,an events managing Company that he sarted way back in Uganda,The Company hosts all Kinds of Functions and provides high levels of master of ceremonies,he is also now one of the Directors of Award Winning Internet Radio www.ugamuziki Radio,and his also its senior Producer and he hosts 2 live programmes on Ugamuziki,Saturday from 10am to 2pm sweden time ,Kadongo kamu show and also hosts Sunday Glory on Sunday a gospel SHow with an AK name Pastor Katabaazi Snr.
 Muwawu’s Hobbies are:
loves Sports,Culture,Travelling,Theatre,and Making Important Freinds.

joseph Mbaziira

Name  : Joseph Mbaziira

Role: Secretary ,Uganda Culture

Proffession: Journalist

Country    : Sweden


 Tel: +46762356834


Joseph Mbaziira Born and raised in Uganda is a journalist by profession founder and CEO of UGAMUZIKI RADIO on an African Ugandan Internet radio in Sweden. Joseph Mbaziira has worked for radio for the last 10 years 7 of which in Uganda as an international sports Journalist, commentator and Presenter. He has established himself in Sweden as a top Master of Ceremonies (MC) featuring at a series of events organized by the African Community in Sweden Stockholm, and in other European countries like The UK, Denmark and Norway.