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Winners of Engule Diaspora 2012 recieve Prizes

Uganda Culture release 2013...

Winners of Engule Diaspora 2012 recieve Prizes
Uganda culture
The entrance to Kintu’s palace on Dindo hill. This is the place, according to folklore, that Kintu, the first Muganda man, landed when he was sent down from heaven

Dindo hill: Home of...

The entrance to Kintu’s palace on Dindo hill. This

Uganda Culture release 2013 Program

Winners of Engule Diaspora 2012 recieve Prizes

Uganda culture has been running two programs for the last 2 years,that is BCCA-Buganda african Carnival and Summer Camping,but this year Uganda Culture has widened up its program to a Four (4) activity year program.  1.Year opening event “An evening with Uganda Culture“ This is scheduled to happen every 1st quarter of the year. 2. [...]